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Exclusive Xmas Brew with Nicholson’s & BeerCast Rich!

Competitions | 21 Nov 2013
Harviestoun Brewery - Pump clip - Sleigh Driver

We’ve brewed a special Christmas ale for Nicholson’s Pubs! But we’re not the only ones to do that…Sleigh Driver (4.1%) is just one of three exclusive collab brews for Nicholson’s this year…

In an epic battle of North vs South, Nicholson’s called on Harviestoun, Brains and Adnams to each brew a Christmas ale in collaboration with their “Cask Masters” and renowned beer writers, ‘Beercast’ Rich Taylor (who we teamed up with), ‘SommALEier’ Melissa Cole (Brains) and ‘Thinking Drinker’ Ben McFarland (Adnams).

Harviestoun Sleigh Driver

Our beer (which we’re sure you will all agree is the best of the bunch!) is a velvety-smooth brew made with entirely British hops which give it gentle tones of spiced, chocolate orange. It was devised by 30 Cask Masters along with our brewers and BeerCast Rich.

Rich said “collaborating on projects is one of the best things about the brewing industry and demonstrates the co-operative attitude within the beer world.”

Let the Games Begin!

McFarland was less circumspect and laid down the gauntlet, saying: “If Nicholson’s pub-going legion of cask ale connoisseurs don’t make [Adnams’ beer] the best Christmas beer in the competition, then Father Christmas won’t bring them any decent presents.”

WIN a Case of Sleigh Driver

Whilst we can’t comment on the veracity of that statement, we can say we’re the only brewery out of the 3 to be offering you a chance to WIN A CASE of our exclusive brew (details here). Who needs Father Christmas to pay them a visit when you could have an APC driver bringing you free beer?

We strongly advise you to get down to your nearest Nicholson’s Pub and give all three brews a whirl. Which do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below…

You can read about Adnams’ beer here. And you can read about Brains’ beer here.



  • adam kent said 3 years ago

    All lovely must try with different meals very good work

  • Pubs Stocking Sleigh Driver said 3 years ago

    […] getting a lot of enquiries about where you can buy Sleigh Driver, the Christmas ale devised by and brewed exclusively for, Nicholson’s Pubs. Well here you […]

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