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Best Pubs in…Belfast [GUEST POST]

Views | 25 Jul 2014

When on the hunt for great pubs, who better to ask than a local expert? We recently asked beer-writer Steven Lamond for his opinion on some of the most interesting places to drink  in Belfast…

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Schiehallion Beer Cocktail: Atlas 77

Food | 30 May 2014

I heard somewhere that Schiehallion is the “champagne of lagers” and I can definitely agree with that! So it got me thinking how I can best merge two of my great loves……..great craft beer and great cocktails! Read more

The Noble Art of the Half ‘N’ Half

Views | 15 May 2014

Last night Amy and I gathered with some luminaries of the Edinburgh booze scene: Chris and Turbo from the Edinburgh Whisky Blog; Rich, Paul and Calum from The BeerCast and the knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff of Drinkmonger, Bruntsfield.

Our mission?

To find some amazing ‘hauf n hauf’ pairings with Harviestoun beers.

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Free Orach Slie & Glenfarclas Tasting

Competitions | 12 May 2014

Fancy getting involved in a free side-by-side Twitter Tasting of Orach Slie and Glenfarclas 10? If so then you’ll be delighted to hear that @Eat_Scottish (part of Scotland Food & Drink) are looking for eager participants! Read more

Broken Dial Beer Cocktail: Time for Tea?

Food | 09 Apr 2014

Broken Dial is described as being a timeless classic and as having malty/biscuity notes. And so thinking ‘nothing goes better with biscuits than tea’…I give you this amazing cocktail that includes both beer and tea! Read more