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Harviestoun Wee Beastie Collection

News | 03 Mar 2015

Wee Beastie Collection

Firstly, I want to apologise to our many fans out there for the delay in updating the blog to include a piece about the ‘Wee Beastie Collection’, but I have finally found 5 minutes to write this small piece about this amazing new project that we have been working on in secret over the course of the last year…

Many of you may have heard of the new ‘Wee Beastie Collection’ and you may be thinking – ‘What are Harviestoun doing?’, well, in all honesty, nothing that we haven’t been doing for the last 32 years, except we are now going to be releasing small quantities of these experimental beers and you have an opportunity to be a part of this!

The obvious question most of you will be asking is – ‘How do I get my hands on these one off, small batch beers?’ and the answer is quite simple, attend one of the Wee Beastie events that will be held in some of the best venues across the country! We have been very quietly approaching numerous bars and pubs, which we consider to be some of the best in their respective cities, and we asked them if they would like to be a part of this new concept that we are working on – and the answer was always a resounding, YES!!!

Each event will have completely unique beers, that will only be available at the event, alongside our range of award winning craft beers, including all of your favourites like Schiehallion Craft Lager, Bitter and Twisted and Broken Dial Amber Ale(which happens to be my favourite).

So what can you expect from ‘The Wee Beastie’, well, for those of you who attended Craft Beer Rising you would have seen that we had several ‘Wee Beastie Collection’ beers with us, including Raspie Engine, a 10.5% imperial porter infused with wild Scottish Raspberries, that Amy (our very own Head Brewster) lovingly hand picked at a farm just down the road from the brewery, as well as Turnpike IPA, a phenomenal 5 hop IPA, which was beautifully balanced with a big malt base, and of course who can forget the Thistly Cross Mash up, which was a ramped up version of Bitter and Twisted that we aged in Thistly Cross cider barrels, which incidentally turned out to be a firm favourite of our very own Mellisa Cole, and was a beer style that we had never really brewed before – A Sour – yes thats right – A Sour – it wasn’t intentional, but rather some left over brettanomyces from the cider barrel that worked its magic and ended up producing a sour that was 11% and absolutely exquisite to drink.

These were just the first of many new beers that we have been working on, and we intend on playing with new styles, old styles, new ingredients and methods, and just experimenting in general, and hopefully you enjoy drinking these beers as much as we enjoyed creating them.

For those of you who cant wait for a Wee Beastie event to visit your local city, we decided that we would team up with the boys from The Beer O Clock Show, Steve and Mark, as well as the master of flavour profiling himself, Justin, from Get Beer. Drink Beer. who have come on board to give you all a chance to at least read, or listen, to them describing these exclusive beers. If you are keen to read the first of many blogs or listen to The Beer O Clock podcast, just follow the links below…

So don’t just take our word for it, check out these amazing reviews of the first ever ‘Wee Beastie Collection’ beers, which I am sure will whet your appetites…

If, after all of that, you want to attend a ‘Wee Beastie’ event, and find out what all the hype is about, the first event is at The Elgin, Maida Vale (get tickets here: ) on the 19th March, and if this is just way too far away from where you are, fear not, there will be a ‘Wee Beastie’ tearing up your city soon…



Wilderness Scotland

News | 01 Jan 2015

Looking for an adventure? Want to enjoy all of the glories and wonders that Scotland has to offer? Then look no further!

Wilderness Scotland is Europe’s top adventure travel company, specialising in inspirational holidays and wilderness experiences in the most remote and beautiful regions of Scotland. Highly recommended!

Twitter ‘Beer Selfie’ competition

Competitions | 30 Sep 2014

There could be no easier way to win some free beer than by taking a ‘selfie’ with your favourite Harviestoun beer… #BeerSelfie


Simply follow us on Twitter and and snap a ‘selfie’ of you with one of our amazing beers and stand a chance to win, couldn’t be easier. The winner will be sent a case of our fantastic beers to indulge in at your leisure, and we will also give a prize to second place, which will be 12 bottles, all delivered straight to your door. So get creative and start snapping…


Now for the rules:

  1. This competition is only valid in the United Kingdom.
  2. You must either already be following @HarviestounBrew on twitter or you must follow us in order to win.
  3. This competition will run from 1st October 2014 to 31st October 2014, with the winner announced on Twitter on 1st November 2014.
  4. The Winner will receive a full (24 bottles) mixed case of our beers, and second place will win 12 mixed beers, all delivered directly to your door.
  5. Only one submission will be accepted per follower.
  6. The submissions will be rated on ingenuity, creativity and fun factor. (No rude or lewd submissions will be accepted)
  7. All decisions are final and cannot be contested.
  8. This prize holds no cash value and cannot be redeemed in any other way.



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