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A flavoursome grain – the story behind Harviestoun’s own malts

Story | 25 Jul 2016

Barley, bread and brewing have always been synonymous with each other; a relationship almost as old as civilisation itself! The earliest chemically dated barley beer dates back to ancient Sumerian times, almost 5000 years ago in what is now Iran.

Closer to our brewery home, the fertile fields of Alloa and Clackmannanshire have been home to agricultural crops since the Middle Ages. Barley was grown to provide for bread-making, feeding animal crops and of course fermentable grain for brewing and distilling.

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Harviestoun IPA – Our Zesty Tropical Flavourbomb!

Beer | 19 Jul 2016

We’ve never been afraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to bold brews here at Harviestoun.

Since 1983, we have been chasing flavours, finishes and aftertastes. Using everything from the most traditional of English hops like fuggles, to new-wave imports from Europe, USA and beyond, we like to mix things up in the pursuit of flavour.

We know that the Scots are known for having invented a thing or two, we’re natural pioneers it seems. So it’s no surprise that Harviestoun were at the forefront of using American hops to create the modern craft IPA. With our new bottling, we’re tweaked that original recipe to bring you Harviestoun IPA, a zesty American-style IPA with long-lasting flavour but without the punishing IBUs of some West-coast style brews!

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Raspy Engine – A Fruity Tale

Beer | 11 Jul 2016

Raspy Engine, our Raspberry Porter launched towards the end of 2015. It has quickly become a favourite thanks to its blending of the classic combination of rich chocolatey porter and juicy Scottish raspberries. We wonder now why we didn’t try to brew this sooner!

The beer is based on our recipe for Old Engine Oil, a brew with so many complex and moreish flavours that there’s so much potential to pair it with lots of different flavour combinations. We started experimenting with various flavourings, and it was this raspberry version that really stood out for the team.

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Celebrating World Chocolate Day – with Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier

Food | 07 Jul 2016

If you’ve never tried matching beer and chocolates before, then you’re in for a treat. From matching rounded malts, to bringing out zesty highlights from the hops, the team relish any opportunity to give new chocolate and beer pairings a try. Who better then for us to share a few minutes with on World Chocolate Day, than multi-award winning chocolate craftsman, Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier.

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All hail our newest beer: 9th Legion has arrived!

News | 30 Jun 2016

Here at Harviestoun, we’ve been intrepidly brewing beers since 1983, marching forth across the British Isles and beyond to bring quality beers to the people. This summer we launch our latest beer, 9th Legion, a 4.7% Red Ale.

Caesar’s 9th Legion – the half pint history lesson

Julius Caesar lead his army in forging the Roman Empire across most of central Europe, including attempts to conquer Britain. Amongst his globe-trotting troops, he inherited the 9th Legion – or Legio IX Hispana.

This legion of Roman soldiers went down in legend as the ‘one who got away’, or more specifically, the one who, after attempting to invade north-wards into ancient Caledonia… simply vanished. Ancient records and subsequent history books have failed entirely in establishing the fate of the 9th Legion, other than suspecting they met their match against the fiery Celts.

Perhaps the Roman soldiers simply decided to hang up their sandals and stay put after tasting their first Scottish beer.

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